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Domestic Violence Attorney – Protects Your Rights and Know When to Turn to a Lawyer

Every American has a right to seek legal protection from domestic violence in the event that they become a victim of such abuse. In the United States, domestic violence is legally defined as an “abusive and controlling relationship characterized by an imbalance of power and control.” Under the Washington Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, individuals seeking protection from domestic violence are protected against all forms of domestic violence, which includes verbal or mental abuse and even threats of violence. If you feel that you or a loved one have been the victim of such abuse, it is very important that you contact a highly experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible. Although there is currently a trend of declining crimes of domestic violence in the United States, you should not wait for this to happen. Protect yourself now.

You can hire a domestic violence attorney to represent you whenever you feel that your rights have been violated by someone you know at home. It doesn’t matter what kind of abuse is taking place, or how many years have passed since the alleged incident. The fact remains that you have the right to seek legal protection from abuse, regardless of whether the abuse takes place in the present or back in time. If you have been the victim of abuse, then you have the right to take steps to obtain the legal accountability you deserve.

Obtaining protection from abusive circumstances is often done through the use of a restraining order, also known as a permanent protective order. A restraining order prevents the abuser from coming within a certain distance from the victim, or from contacting them. While these orders may be placed in writing, they may be verbal or at least implied in terms of where the victim can go and who they can’t go to. A skilled domestic violence attorney can help you get a protection order that specifies the degree of protection, which means that your abuser can still come near certain family members, but cannot contact them directly. This can give you and your family members some peace of mind.

When a person is accused of a crime or even just suspected of one, they are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and in domestic violence cases, innocent or not, people are still accused of crimes. There is nothing more stressful for victims than the fear of having to face an uncertain trial, with no definite outcome in sight. An experienced domestic violence attorney can advise their clients of their rights and prepare their defense. Depending on the severity of the case, there may be other measures that need to be taken, such as intensive community support, or possibly drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

There are a variety of reasons as to why victims seek protection from abusive situations. Many times, the victim is simply concerned about being able to provide for themselves, or about the effect of their abuser’s behavior on their children. Other times, victims are simply afraid that they will become a target of further abuse if they do not get help. No matter what the motivation is, victims who choose to hire a domestic violence attorney will be able to get the help that they need. Protecting your legal rights and preparing for potential legal action are very important things, but there are a lot of other aspects to take care of as well. Finding a trustworthy, experienced, and clearwater domestic violence attorney should never be a hassle.

Getting the help that you need should never require you to spend much money. Even when legal counsel is expensive, it is usually worth it to have someone representing your best interests at all times, especially when it involves issues involving a family member. A trusted, dedicated domestic violence attorney will be able to provide information about the legal rights of a victim and the procedures that can be taken when abuse is suspected. They will also be able to provide advice about the importance of protecting yourself as a victim, and how to make sure that your children are safe when they are with their abuser. Hiring an attorney who is willing to put aside his/her own desires for the benefit of the victim is a good idea.